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About Us

Our Approach

You can probably tell by our website that we are not your usual courier service. First, we are pretty much a one-person operation, with occasional help from family. Second, because of that we aren't trying to get every delivery. We understand the bulk of deliveries need to be handled at the lowest, most efficient cost - think Amazon, UPS, etal.

So, we are there for the special deliveries. The deliveries that may need extra communication or extra handling or same day completion. Or, they may not be easily boxed up - like recently when we delivered our first drone.


We try to treat each new delivery like an adventure.

Why? For several reasons. You have a need to get something from point A to point B. You took the time to search the Internet for someone to help. You clicked on our ad, read at least a part of our website, and followed up with a phone call. You are looking for someone to trust. So, we're not going to view that as an adventure?

There's much more to be said on the significance of every business transaction, but not here.


Our lead driver, and pretty much our only driver, has over 20 years experience delivering to San Diego's commercial and residential areas.

Much of that time was delivering delayed luggage for many of the major airlines. For eight years, until April of 2015, he serviced Skywest/United Express at Palomar Airport in Carlsbad in addition to our other customers. Now that United Express has closed its Palomar Airport station we have more time available for your delivery. Before that it was delivering as an independent contractor out of San Diego International Airport.

Before that, it was over 4 years servicing San Diego's two largest advertising agencies.

Hours of Operation

For over 8 years, we were available 7 days a week, morning, noon, and night. (And doesn't it always sounds impressive when you say you're available 24/7?) But, after our 7-days-a-week, much appreciated and much loved, major customer closed their San Diego County location, we decided to cut back and adopt a "no nights" policy. It's better for the family that way.

Yet, occasionally, we are happy to make an exception, so don't hesitate to ask. Why, just recently, on a Sunday evening, a guy called up to say his friend had left his bag at the San Diego airport. Only one thing. They were already in Palm Springs! Could we go the airport, pick up the luggage and deliver it to Palm Springs? Well, we hadn't done a weekend or night delivery in some time, so we said sure.

Every Delivery Is Special

We tend to treat every delivery like a rush or special delivery. Not just because it is special to you. It is also because we operate on low volume, high quality so your delivery will likely be done pretty quickly.

If you need an economical, next day take-your-time delivery, we will be glad to help. We just won't be able to give a next day discount!


You can expect good communication with your delivery. Like questions about who should get the delivery, how fragile it is, etc. And a text or phone call letting you know when your delivery is complete.

Route Service

We're looking for one or two routes and would love to hear from you with your needs. Of course, because of the volume and guaranteed repeat business, we can offer lower prices than our standard delivery rates.

Areas Covered

Not an exclusive list, but here are the areas we love to cover!

Keep in mind, we are San Diego/La Mesa based. So, even though we cover Orange and Riverside Counties (especially Temecula and Murrieta), your delivery should begin or end in San Diego County.



We don't have a price list but can give you a quote pretty fast. We use Mapquest to figure distance and time. We hope, for the service and communication we offer, that you will find our prices reasonable. We aren't the lowest priced, but we aren't the highest, either.

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Trusted by Thousands

To not run into them on the freeways. To stop at red lights. To do a proper "right on red." To occasionally use a turn signal.

But, seriously . . .

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